About Kidmate

Kidmate was the first computer program for creating visitation schedules. It was released in 1997 by Lapin Agile, Inc. Its tagline was, "A Joint Custody Program for Family Law Specialists." Kidmate was used by family law specialists around the globe, and received early praise by users and in publications.

However, Kidmate's final release, version 1.2c, was published in 1998. As time passed and technology advanced, Kidmate gradually became deprecated. The lack of updates and advancements caused its loyal user base to seek out other products, thus inviting other entrepreneurial ventures into the market.

About Kidmate.com

Kidmate.com was owned by Lapin Agile from 1997 until 2010, when it was purchased by Custody X Change in a private auction for an undisclosed amount.

About Custody X Change

Work on Custody X Change began in 2003. The initial idea behind the Custody X Change software was to create a tool that excelled in creating visitation schedules, parenting plans, and in calculating accurate time-share and overnight percentages. Custody X Change schedules are built in layers and allow for independent editing, which makes creating even complicated schedules user-friendly.

With the recent purchase of Kidmate.com, Custody X Change aims to convince the rest of the Kidmate users to finally make the switch to Custody X Change. Ben Coltrin, the owner of Custody X Change, commented, "Yes, I'm very excited for the recent purchase of Kidmate.com. Its previously strong brand will be put to good use in the Custody X Change family."

See For Yourself

As of this writing in 2010, Custody X Change continues to be developed and supported. Custody X Change enjoys a growing user base of both parents and legal professionals. To learn more about Custody X Change, or to try the free download, please visit www.custodyxchange.com.